Information About The Faith Communities Today Project

Faith Communities Today is a series of ongoing research surveys and practical reports about congregational life, conducted and published by the Cooperative Congregations Studies Partnership, a multi-faith group of religious researchers and faith leaders.

The research partnership includes members from 25+ different faith groups, working in conjunction with  Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford Seminary.  Our first national benchmark study was issued in 2000.  Reports since then include national studies in 2005, 2008 and 2010.  Our latest research from 2015 is currently being analyzed and will be released in themed reports throughout 2016. 

Membership in the Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership is open to religious organizations and denominational agencies that share an interest in:

1)  Producing and promoting research based resources for congregational development.
2)  Creating and disseminating helpful tools and resources, produced as a result of the research findings, that can assist congregational lay leadership in their ministries. 
3)  Disseminating information to the media and educating the general public about the role of congregational life in American society.

We welcome new members. 

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For information about membership, please contact:
David A. Roozen Chair, CCSP Advisory Committee Director,
Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Street, Hartford 06105
Phone: 860/509-9546 Fax: 860/509-9551 [email protected]

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