The Muslim Faith Group

There are over 2 million Muslims who are regularly participating adult attenders at the more than 2100 mosques/masjids in the United States.

The Muslim participation in the FACT 2000 project included a survey of 631 mosques randomly chosen from a listing of all known mosques in the United States. A total of 416 questionnaires were returned for a 65.93% response rate. View the version of the questionnaire used by the Muslim faith group.

If you are interested in obtaining specific information about the results of the Muslim survey, please get in touch with the contact person Ihsan Bagby at [email protected].

The report about the Muslim findings from this survey is available at 
You can download the full report at

Prior to the 2000 survey, Dr. Bagby did a smaller 1994 Mosque study

In 2010, Dr. Bagby, with the cooperation of several other organizations, conducted a study of 524 Mosques.  View the first report of findings from this study.

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