Religious Groups within the Jewish Tradition

The Jewish participation in the 2000 Fatih Communities Today project included a survey of 694 congregations randomly chosen from a listing of Reform and Conservative congregations in the United States. A total of 228 questionnaires were returned for a 32.85% response rate. View the version of the questionnaire used by groups within the Jewish tradition.

If you are interested in obtaining specific information about the 2000 results of the Jewish survey, please econtact us at or [email protected]

The FACT2005 project and FACT2008  were completed under the auspices of the Synagogue3000 project.

The most recent 2010 Synagogue research complied by Steven Cohen and Synagogue 3000 is now available as a PDF report.  This report surveyed over 1200 Reform and Conservative Synagogues. 


If you would like to know more about Judaism, visit the following sites describing the Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist branches of Judaism.

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