Worship and Spiritual Nurture


data from the Fact2000 study

Worship is a primary task of congregations, reflecting the unique character of individual congregations. Congregations provide a vast array of alternative approaches in worship.

Worship Elements

Among the different worship emphases and approaches, however, the vast majority of participating congregations reports a common emphasis on "God’s love and care" and on relating this to "practical advice for daily life." Although the ritual, leadership, content, energy and participation is vastly different among these groups, the great majority feel that their worship is spiritually uplifting and nurtures their spiritual growth.

Congregations, regardless of size, find strength by encouraging particular religious values and home practices among their members. 

Practices of the Home and Heart

Although with different meanings and levels of importance, these values are broadly practiced among distinctively different groups. The majority of congregations, for example, encourage personal and family devotions -- with different content. Keeping the Sabbath has a strong association with religious commitment, even though it is a different day of the week -- Friday, Saturday or Sunday – for different faith groups. The extent to which a congregation emphasizes keeping the Sabbath varies dramatically by faith group.